We have created a patch to show you membership in the association! it will come in 2 different forms. A 3-inch hex parch with button loop suitable for wearing in your Class A in the temporary patch spot! We also will be producing a 6 inch back patch version, without the button loop.

We are currently in the pre-order phase of this project. Pricing is currently set at

  • $6.00 each for a 3-inch patch or 12 for $60
  • $10.00 each for the 6-inch patch or 12 for $100

Once the pre-order phase is over the price will increase.

You will be asked to include $2.00 to cover shipping no matter how many patches you buy (within reason)

The link to PayPal for the patches is in the confirmation message. Please use the friends and family option to avoid fees. the email we are using is, and the name on the account is Howard Barnes. the button below will take you to the payment site, if it is not in your confirmation.

The preorder window will end about December 10th. We hope to have them available in January and ship them out at the start of February. As always please reach out with questions.

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