Club 833 Introduction

Greetings Brothers!
In a concerted effort to put an extra $10,000 in the Scholarship endowment each year, we invite you to join APO Eagles Club 833.

What is Club 833?

For $8.33 per month, you can give $100 over the year to the APO Eagles Leaders of Service Scholarship endowment.  If one hundred of us give an extra $100 per year, it will net an additional $10,000 toward our $50,000 goal!

Monthly¬†donations aren’t your style?

You can give $25 per quarter, or $100 annually to join.

What’s in it for me?

First, you will receive a 501(c)(3) donation tax letter for your entire annual donation.¬† Second, you will receive a limited edition APO Eagles Scholarship Benefactor flap-shaped patch.¬† Only 150 of these will be made, with 50 reserved for 2024 Scholarship Benefactor patch sets.¬† The first¬†ONE HUNDRED¬†Club 833 members will receive¬†patches numbered 51 through 150.¬† Additionally,¬†all¬†Club 833 members will receive the new APO Eagles “Torch & Eagle” Dangle patch, suitable for Scout uniform wear in the temporary patch position.

What else can I look forward to as a Club 833 member?

Information and Entertainment!¬† You will be invited to an All-Star Lineup of virtual events throughout the year.¬† We will kick things off with a Pampered Chef party hosted by our¬†very own Mia Santos-Izyk called “Grillin’ with the Old Guys” which she will be hosting especially for us!¬† We will host a virtual patch display and online trading event just for Club 833 members.¬† I am hoping to get us some time with a retired BSA Camp Ranger – an exceptional campfire storyteller who worked in Alaska in his younger years.¬† Also, excerpt readings from Dan Coberly, a very humorous author we all know and love from APO Eagles.¬† We will receive a personal update from Rick¬†Bragga on the APO Centennial Convention.¬† I have also asked for a presentation on the current capital campaign from Keith Roots and Past National President Maggie Katz.¬† And just for fun, Howie and I will design the 2025 patch for Club 833 members in a live session, while taking comments from the audience.¬† There are more sessions in the works, too!

How do I join?

Please click on the link at the end of this post, complete the form, and email as instructed on the form.  Conversely, you may set up your sustaining donation by using the link on the form.

How can I best help the Scholarship endowment?

First, use the link on the form.  Add $100 to your annual Scholarship contribution and list this as your new annual sustaining donation.  You are now a member of APO Eagles Club 833.Thank you for your generous donations in the past and the future, as we strive for our $50,000 goal to endow the APO Eagles Leaders of Service Scholarship.
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