Deluxe Jamie Conover Stewart Memorial Patch Set




The “Mission Impossible” Pie will be the numbered piece for 2023.

Seven piece patch set containing three flaps (APOEagles S5-S7), three chevrons (APOEagles X5-X7), and Limited Edition Jamie Conover Stewart “Mission Impossible” Pie (APOEagles P-1) portraying highlights of Jamie Conover Stewart’s Alpha Phi Omega Career. Proceeds benefit Colorectal Cancer Alliance, Alpha Phi Omega Jamie Conover Stewart Building A New Chapter (BANC) Grant, APOEagles Leaders of Service Scholarship, and our Scouting outreach programs. Only fifty of these sets are available for sale however the “Mission Impossible” Pie will be included in Scholarship Benefactor Sets for 2023.

Images are an artist concept. The price will increase to $85 after the preorder period with delivery anticipated in mid-April.


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