Application & Information


Annually, APO Eagle Alumni Association recognizes individuals who are: Eagle Scouts, and who have risen above their peers in exemplifying the qualities of that rank.


  • Eagle Board of Review Date: Must be on or before January 30.
  • Application Available: January 1.
  • Application Must be Completed and Submitted April 30.
  • Announcement of Scholarship Awards: June 10.


  • Eagle Scouts may apply for scholarships beginning in their senior year of high school.
  • Recipients may receive scholarship one time only.
  • Scholarships are available to Eagle Scouts attending four-year colleges or universities
  • Scholarships are not available to students attending any of the U.S. military academies.
  • Scholarships are not available to graduate students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.
  • Scholarships are not available to initiated Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega. Brothers are encouraged you to apply for the John Mack Scholarship



Please have all of the required documentation ready, and complete the submission in one sitting