APO Eagles and NOAC 2024

The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) will be held this year from July 29 to August 3, 2024 at Colorado University Boulder.  Alpha Phi Omega and APO Eagles will have a presence at the Pre-NOAC Tradoree and at the conference itself.  The Pre-NOAC Tradeoree starts Saturday July 27 and ends July 29.  It will be located at the Greater Colorado Council Scout Office at 10455 W. 6th Avenue in Denver.  APO Eagles will have a table at the Tradeoree and could use your help staffing it.

During NOAC, there will be an Alpha Phi Omega table at Adventure Central, and a training course entitled Alpha Phi Omega: A Guide to Scouting in College.  There will also be a reception Tuesday July 30 at 1pm.  Please stop by the table and encourage any attendees from your Council to take the training.

If you will be at the Pre-NOAC Tradoree or the Conference, help is needed to staff the tables.  There is a signup form located here: National Order of the Arrow Conference 2024 Volunteer List – Google Docs  Patches will also be sold at the table to help fund the scholarship and presence at NOAC.  If you would like to donate to help offset the cost of NOAC, you can donate here: Donations for NOAC – APO Eagle Scout Alumni Association

Finally, the third patch in the Space Shuttle Series, Challenger, is available for preorders and commemorates the 2024 NOAC.  The patches are $20 each or 11 for $200.  They can be ordered here: 2024 NOAC Patch Set – APO Eagle Scout Alumni Association