2023 National Convention Recap Legislative Notes:

2023 National Convention Recap Legislative Notes: Prepared by: Matt Bailey NO2-4A-21: remove the use of ‚Äúpledge‚ÄĚ and use ‚Äúnew member‚ÄĚ in all fraternity documents. Required 3/4 to pass as it includes rituals. Was NOT adopted. NO2-2R-23: resolution directing change of ‚Äúco-educational Fraternity‚ÄĚ to ‚Äúgender-inclusive Fraternity‚ÄĚ and use of gender-inclusive language in communication. Adopted as submittedContinue reading “2023 National Convention Recap Legislative Notes:”

2024-25 Board of Directors

National PresidentMelody A. MartinDelta Alpha Chapter ’97,¬†University of Cincinnati National Vice PresidentDisraeli W. Smith II, MBA, MPPKappa Delta Chapter ‚Äė07,¬†Florida A. & M. University DirectorMarc’ BadyChief HR and Diversity Officer at Fresno Housing DirectorKimberlee Castillo YeeAlpha Alpha Xi Chapter ’83,¬†University of the Pacific DirectorDr. Hilton HallockAlpha Zeta Chi Chapter ’10,¬†New England College DirectorJennifer R. Headman,Continue reading “2024-25 Board of Directors”