2023 National Convention Recap Legislative Notes:

2023 National Convention Recap Legislative Notes: Prepared by: Matt Bailey NO2-4A-21: remove the use of “pledge” and use “new member” in all fraternity documents. Required 3/4 to pass as it includes rituals. Was NOT adopted. NO2-2R-23: resolution directing change of “co-educational Fraternity” to “gender-inclusive Fraternity” and use of gender-inclusive language in communication. Adopted as submittedContinue reading “2023 National Convention Recap Legislative Notes:”

2024-25 Board of Directors

National PresidentMelody A. MartinDelta Alpha Chapter ’97, University of Cincinnati National Vice PresidentDisraeli W. Smith II, MBA, MPPKappa Delta Chapter ‘07, Florida A. & M. University DirectorMarc’ BadyChief HR and Diversity Officer at Fresno Housing DirectorKimberlee Castillo YeeAlpha Alpha Xi Chapter ’83, University of the Pacific DirectorDr. Hilton HallockAlpha Zeta Chi Chapter ’10, New England College DirectorJennifer R. Headman,Continue reading “2024-25 Board of Directors”